Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Play

We love to use the weekends as an excuse to get outdoors, especially with the weather we have had this weekend, living in the desert has its perks in the winter that is for sure.  Since I hadn't gotten my sprint workout in this past week, I thought Saturday was the perfect time to go on a family walk up to the track and do a 100 M sprint interval workout.  It was such a fun time, I think we will be making it into a regular Saturday thing, weather permitting that is. 
Pumpkin hanging out in the jogging stroller

So we just kind of came up with our own sprint workout based on how we felt this morning, but here is what we did.  The walk to the track from our house is a little under 2 miles one way, so that was basically a good warm-up, however we jogged one lap around the track to get the blood pumping a bit.  Then we walked around the "curve" of the track.  Once we got to the straight way 100 M starting mark we gave it 100%, meaning everything you have in you(picture being chased by a dinosaur or zombie whatever helps) you should be extremely out of breath after, then we walk the curve again to rest repeating the sprint again at the next straight way.  We did 8 100 M sprints with 100 M rest walking in-between, this rest walk could even be increased if necessary.  It is really interesting to me how 6 out of 8 of my sprints were dead on at 21 sec, my fastest two sprints were the ones in the middle at 19 sec being my fastest.  This was the first time we have ever really done timed sprints so it will be fun to compare next time.
Gorgeous view

Meanwhile our kids played with pumpkin our sweet Malte/pom puppy, we are trying to teach him how to walk on a leash so that has been interesting and pretty darn funny.  After sprinting we played a game of old school "Red-light, green-light" and I managed to squeeze in some walking lunges and situps, while Pierre did some pull-ups.  We had a nice walk back home and the kids did amazing the whole time.  So there you have it, if you have a track nearby, use it! It is a fantastic way to get outdoors with the family and get some vitamin D and playtime all at once.
Pullup fun

 If you have a sprint workout you enjoy doing please share it!  I need some new ideas, my next sprint intervals will probably be 400M I am a bit nervous about pacing, I have never done this any suggestions?

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