Whole30 Adventures

I will try to post on this page to keep it updated on our daily Whole30 eatings. So I started doing this 3 days in, so you won't be getting the previous days of food, but from here on out I will try very hard to document most of it.

A little disclaimer I am not a huge fan of counting calories anymore, because I was seriously addicted to it in the past, and it has kind of disconnected me with the food I eat, however with that said I do think that calories still do matter up to a certain point particularly if you have fat loss goals. I have actually increased my caloric intake in the past couple of months for a couple reasons, one I am trying to undo metabolic damage that I created by doing low-calorie dieting for far too long and two I have been lifting very heavy lately and therefore need more fuel. I hope to inch my calories back up in the next couple months, but it is a slow progression for me as I don't want to jump into eating 2000 calories after having only eaten 1300 for the past year ya know? At any rate the general parameters that I am currently eating within are as follows:

 1500-1700 Kcal/day (depending on the activity that day)
Carbs: 20% of calories
 Fat: 51% of calories
 Protein: 29% of calories

These are just estimates, but I am trying to stay within this, as you can see the calories from carbs is significantly lower than that of the SAM (Standard American Diet), but that is essential in getting our bodies back to a state of homeostasis, refined carbs have taken us to a place of poor health and less energy overall. If you are a numbers person I know it can be hard to get away from counting calories incessantly and tracking how many you burn during a workout, but I promise you will see a day when this is no longer necessary, where you do know how much to eat, where you feel satiety kick in after a healthy meal of whole foods and where you generally feel more at peace with your body. I am still on that journey and the Whole30 really helps with this.

 My day: (Day 3)

Sweet potato butternut squash from last nights dinner, sauteed in coconut oil along with a handful of spinach, two eggs over easy and a little avocado.  Also 2 cups of coffee with a touch of coconut milk.  The hardest thing for me has been cutting stevia out of my coffee but the coconut milk really helps and cuts the acidity of the coffee for me.   

Lunch today was a Chicken salad utilizing leftovers from last nights chicken in a crockpot, I used mixed greens from the harvest box, about 6 oz of chicken mostly breast meat, 1/2 of a red bell pepper, 1/4 of a mango, a little avocado and a drizzle of olive oil and about a tbsp of pineapple vinegar(this I got the last time I was in Cottonwood at an awesome olive oil tasting place I will have to post a link)

My little guy took a pic of me in my old chef coat, I am going to be buying a new one here soon any color ideas?  

Ok so dinner was something I have been wanting to try out for some time now, originally I had wanted to use some ingredients such as scallions and peas in it as well, but had no desire to run to the commissary beforehand, therefore I used what I have on hand which was a plenty thats for sure.

 I will post the link to this recipe once I get it up, there is too much to list out but it was super yummy and cured my asian food craving.  I didn't get to use my coconut aminos yet as they are still in the mail...Hurry up Amazon!
 I needed to eat something else tonight for whatever reason I was still hungry so I poached a couple eggs in a handy dandy microwave poacher and sprinkled on some cinnamon..I know weird huh?  But cured my hunger so I can type away... 

I did not workout today because I wasn't feeling it...so there you have it a day of whole30.  If you are feeling ambitious share what you ate or your workout in the comments below :)

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