Friday, May 16, 2014

Pre-race jitters

I can not believe that the half marathon is tomorrow.  Have I mentioned how much I hate running?  Ironic I know, I am fairly certain that once this bucket list bullet is checked off I will not be doing any distance running for a very long time...and let me just clarify anything over 5 miles is "distance" running in my opinion, so while I won't be running those I don't mind short spurts like 5ks every now and again, in fact I am thinking that I am built more for those to begin with.  After all of this training, and lets be real I didn't even fully do the "training" every week. I skipped an 8 miler a few weeks ago due to horrible winds and my reluctance to run on the treadmill that far, I am ready to get my body out of "fight or flight" mode.  I definitely feel a lot more exhausted after putting my body through the ringer, I prefer weight training and HIIT workouts far more than this!  The injury associated with these runs has been ridiculous, I have fallen and skinned my knees 3 time (yes my knees look like the knees of a careless 5 year old boy), and I strained my left foot on the last mile of the 10 miler last Sunday, so that means I had to "take it easy" all week, and I do not "take it easy" very easily I hate sitting still!  Sorry about the rant, and if you are a distance runner well I am impressed with your stamina, but it is not for me. 

At any rate and as much as I have been trying to not overthink this whole race thing, I am starting to get a bit nervous.  It's just for fun, It's just for fun right?  Fun, who goes out and runs 13.1 miles for FUN?  Seriously who does that?  I have been talking about the race every now and again with my 12 year old and she said, mom its only 3 miles longer than your last run... HA only 3 more miles ok sounds easy enough after ten, but I can tell you this after those 10 I was exhausted mentally and physically my foot hurt, my skinned knee hurt, I was thirsty and just all around feeling decrepit.  If you have ever hiked the Grand Canyon you will know that while it is roughly a 19 mile hike down and out, the hardest part of that hike is the last 2 miles.  You are tired from the first 17 miles, you didn't sleep well because you were scared of the snakes and scorpions that were sure to climb into your sleeping bag at night, so you slept on a picnic table instead, you endured "Devils cork screw," a heavy backpack even though you didn't bring a tent, super hot temps in the canyon, dirt, watching people get IV fluids on the way up and so much more pleasant stuff, so yeah that last 2 miles feels like hell!  Have I mentioned I want to do it again?  This is my greatest fear for this race, that I am going to love crossing the finish line and the excitement races always evoke and this is just going to make me want to do it again....NO!!! 

All this complaining right?  Seriously though it should be awesome, I just pray that the wind is non-existent and the heat stays at bay for awhile. I am nervous for a multitude of reasons, primarily my foot injury, but I think it will be just fine, I will just have to pace myself really well and not overdo it too soon.  If you have ever ran a race like this please let me know any suggestions that you have.  Thanks!  I will do a post race re-cap to remind you all I am never doing this again! Haha famous last words.

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