Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Spicy Red Thai Beef Curry curtesy of Nerd Organics

This was a delicious little treat for the taste buds tonight.  Thanks to my friend Teffy Thachenkary at Nerd Organics I decided to whip up this yummy curry.  I would consider this a sort of "kitchen sink"
sort of meal, meaning you put in everything except the kitchen sink.  So for this I will just put up a pic of what I put in my curry, the only thing I added to mine compared to Teffy's was coconut aminos.  Beyond that I would have added a spicy pepper of some sort as well, because the only red curry paste available at my grocery store was simply not spice enough :(  The coconut milk makes this ahmazing.

The cauliflower in the ziploc bag off to the left was transformed into cauliflower rice with coconut aminos and butter added to it.  This was a super yummy curry and I highly recommend it, I would just add the spicy pepper next time though to amp it up I used that whole container or red curry paste and it was not really spicy :(  I wish I had access to the one used in his blog.  Check out Nerd Organics for the full recipe as well as an idea of what Teffy used in his curry.  Enjoy !

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