Friday, February 28, 2014

The Slim Palate

I came across this wonderful young man's blog this morning after seeing a video clip posted by some of my favorite bloggers.  He is an 18 year old who completely changed his eating to Paleo and shed 100 pounds.  He created a beautiful blog with amazing photos (that he took himself) and fantastic recipes.  I don't know if he aspires to be a chef, but as a chef myself I can honestly say he doesn't even need to go to culinary school...he is that good.  Phenomenal photos, inspiring story and amazing cookbook to be released March 11.  Go pre-order now!

The Slim Palate Paleo Cookbook from Nicholas Weissman on Vimeo.

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Teenager Joshua Weissman is an accomplished real-food advocate and food blogger who writes and photographs for the increasingly popular blog Slim Palate ( At a young age he began to struggle with weight problems, and his health began to decline. Even simple tasks such as walking up stairs grew difficult for him. He was physically and verbally harassed at school, causing frequent bouts of depression.

Wanting to change his life and his eating habits, Joshua did extensive research and found a way to use whole, natural foods to create elegant, palate-pleasing recipes that helped him lose weight without sacrificing flavor. He lost more than 100 pounds and is now fit and happy. His affinity for food and cooking compels him to share his kitchen tips and tempting, nourishing recipes with the world. Joshua focuses on the use of whole foods and grass-fed/pastured meats in his cooking and makes note of the empowering benefits of buying locally. He feels that food is a powerful expression of love and relationship that is enriched by knowing where your food comes from.

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