Thursday, April 24, 2014

Running, lifting and eating oh appreciated!

So a few weeks ago I decided to train for a 1/2 marathon that was 6 weeks out from then, I know I know it goes against all the things I have said...chronic cardio bad, running miles on end bad...however this half marathon seemed like a good idea to check off the bucket list as it takes place at Edwards AFB and we will be running on the dry lake bed which is pretty awesome, and if you know anything about this place you know that there is a lot of history out here so why not do a run that has some sort of awesome attached to it?  While I don't advocate running marathons consistently because I think as humans we are not really designed to be running such mileage often, however this is a lifelong goal of mine and I am doing it... I can tell you right now I don't plan on doing this often or running a full marathon ever.  I prefer to be strong and as I have learned you simply can not serve two masters when it comes right down to it...I can not call my self a runner and a lifter simultaneously, however I do still squeeze in my strength training, just not as intense as before. 

So as far as my diet goes, I simply can not be low carb and support the training I am doing right now, that is unfeasible, running requires quick access to glycogen stores, therefore I must eat a higher amount of carbohydrates in order to fuel my body more properly.  So eating a lot of sweet potatoes, apples, squash etc have been essential to power me through.  This is great though I am not restricting myself, so when I crave carbs I am not worried about gaining weight, because I know that my 9 mile runs will erase any damage I could have possibly done.  This is my favorite part of running.  I know ridiculous, but thinking about a big piece of zucchini bread or a loaded sweet potato is enough to get me through a tough run.  Obsessed with food....yup.  I am not ashamed of this.  This training has left me on the pursuit of yummy recipes that I can hopefully share on here soon! 

My fellow half-marathon veterans please please divulge any information, tips etc...that can help my husband and I, mostly husband is the type of guy that can just jump into an event like this and not train whatsoever...not me I have to train mentally and physically.  However we have been doing the weekly long runs together and I am insanely thankful he is willing to slow down for me as we have been averaging 10-10:30 min/mil for our 8 miles...if I can hold this pace for the last 5 in the race I will be ecstatic.  Honestly my only goal for this race is to run the entire thing and not walk at any point....  No time goals at this point.  Just finish!  At any rate any tips are appreciated! 

So in the meantime I will eat my extra carbs, drink my wine, take my epsom salt baths and  enjoy the path to pursuing a goal.  Yummy recipes filled with carbs soon to come!

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