Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4 ingredient fudge

Velvety yummy fudge the best end to a long day.  Today I finally got done with all the laundry that was behind for the past week, I also managed to hire a sitter and get my butt to the big girl gym for an awesome workout filled with bench pressing, tricep dipping as well as a lap around the sand trail...oh yeah and the stair-master, which let me tell you is so not cool after hitting legs hard the day before.  I also managed to get back to working on the blog, took kids to karate, cook up some chicken thighs and other various tasks along the way.  Oh and I am watching How I Met your Mother Season 2 woo hoo can we say successful day?  At any rate I will keep this post short and sweet because I need to go get my beauty sleep, but I simply had to share this and I cant take credit for it as I found it on one of my other favorite blogs:  The Paleo Mom:

Check out the recipe here and Enjoy!

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